My ultimate goal is to help yoga teachers earn the income they deserve, without the burn out. Yoga teachers put blood, sweat, and tears into their business, and are often left struggling for cash at the end of the day. Doing something you love everyday is important, but above all, you need a secure foundation. You need to be stable in order to help others reach their spiritual and physical goals. This is a list of tools I use to help drive my business:

Tools to Create Your Website

Wealthy Affiliate is the best deal for starting a business for your website. You get a FREE 7 day trial, followed by your first month for only $19. After your first full month, WA costs $49 a month, OR you can save over $93 PLUS get many more benefits (free domain name, free community credits, and more) by purchasing the whole year for $495.

They give you the WordPress business platform, a step by step checklist training, and a supportive, very involved community to help get your content out into the world. The founders/owners of the company are very actively involved within the community, and will actually respond themselves if you shoot them a message. You get pretty much instant answers for all of your questions, and free training/boot camps on top of the getting started portion. It’s truly an incredible resource, especially for the super affordable price, compared to other website builders.

Canva is so easy to use and makes beautiful pictures for websites and social media. It gives you templates for the perfect sizes for Facebook cover photos, Instagram, posts, YouTube thumbnails, and SO much more. You can even make a logo on Canva! Add text and fun elements to your favorite photos from your camera roll, or use one of theirs that’s included!

There is a wonderful 30 day FREE trial for CanvaPro, which is what I use, and it’s only $12.95  per month afterwards. OR you can do a full year for $119. This platform is super helpful and totally affordable, I HIGHLY recommend it! Canva really makes your photos come to life.

Tummee is a Yoga Sequence Builder that gives you everything you need to know about each and every pose. You can create your own sequences, with pictures, for only $69.99 per year! Plus, you can create PDF’s to print out for your own reference, or send to your friends and students. Tummee gives you steps, cues, benefits, contradictions, modifications, and SO much more!

Tummee’s Customer Care department responds promptly to their e-mails, are truly want to help you out. If you want to deepen your yoga knowledge and connect with other like minded yoga teachers, Tummee is the place!


Thinking about starting an online business, and need motivation? Plus tips, tricks, and actionable step by step checklists? Amy Porterfield is your girl! Her podcasts are 100% binge worthy, and give you all the motivation and free downloads to really get your business kick started. If you want to dive in deeper with Amy, she even has courses for e-mail list building, course creation, and other very helpful topics.

Learn more about Amy and check her Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast out here!


I found Alanna Kaivalya after I found Amy, and I was blown away! She also has an amazing podcast, that not only talks about online business creation, but also focuses on yoga! She has a ton of courses ranging from 200 and 300 hours yoga teacher training’s, to smaller courses on mysticism, to her Upward Facing Business Academy. Her Upward Facing Business academy helps yoga teachers create a sustainable online business, without the burnout! She also has a ton of free resources and downloads.

Check Alanna and her podcast out here!