I live in the good old rocky state of Maine, and was hiking for almost 2 years with old, beat up Nike running shoes. I found myself being a bit slower than most of the people in hiking groups and I couldn’t figure out how they were just bopping around from rock to rock.

It never occurred to me that my footwear was the problem, but since investing in a good pair of hiking boots, my whole hiking game has changed!

I am so thankful that I got a pair of Oboz before going to hike up in Baxter State Park – Mount Katahdin – the highest Maine mountain of them all. In fact, it was actually named ‘Katahdin’ by the Penobscot Native Americans, and it means ‘the greatest mountain.’


The sole of Oboz are impossible to bend with your hands, and thick enough that you can’t feel anything you are walking over. I can literally crush acorns and not even feel it! Oboz come with a molder heel counter, so no matter how long or strenuous your hike is, your heel stays snug and the boot keeps its shape.


Oboz come with a newly engineered insole. I have worn them to climb multiple 4,000 footers now, and still no blisters, rubbing or discomfort! The arch provides ample support to keep my feet comfortable and positioned correctly to avoid injury.


In addition, I had to walk up a creek for about a half mile while hiking North Brother. Oboz with their ‘B-dry’ (waterproof) technology was put to the test, and they passed! I had warm, comfy, DRY feet the entire hike. Not to mention it was also lightly raining!


I have not tried all the wonderful brands of hiking boots out there, but I have had this conversation with many hiker friends in the past few weeks: investing in a pair of nice hiking boots is worth it. You can’t beat security, dryness, and comfortability when it comes to a hiking boot.

I think it is worth mentioning that I have also heard the Keen is a great brand.

Either way, get some Oboz or do some more research, but TRUST ME…if you are trying to hike, shoes are not something you want to skimp on! Your feet are are your #1 tool for conquering mountains. They are precious and deserve to be protected.

One More Pro Tip

A lovely worker at L.L. Bean told me “I don’t believe in breaking in shoes, they should be comfortable when you buy them!” Hallelujah!

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